International Trimmings Limited

ITL is a leader in the manufacture and global distribution of woven labels,printed fabric labels, paper labels and packaging. In addition, the group is a significant manufacturer of narrow fabrics, targeted to the needs of apparel manufacturers. ITL is the largest division of SA Bias Industries (Pty) Ltd., a South African company in existence since 1933.

About The Group

The group operates label-manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Hong Kong, North America, Turkey, China, Mexico and India.

The group’s vision is to be a world leader in branded, variable information labelling and packaging to the apparel industry.

Customers wishing to purchase from ITL group can deal directly with the operation in their area or through any of our global locations where this is more convenient.

Customer Focused Strategies

1. Maintaining High Service Levels
Outstanding service and adherence to promises, linked to short lead times and production flexibility.

2. Offering Global Availabilty
Financial and managerial control of all global manufacturing operations. ITL owns 100% of all its manufacturing operations except in North America. This allows for consistent quality standards, compliance to specifications and cross-sourcing flexibility to improve response times.

3. Growing its Accreditations with International Chain Stores
Not only does ITL continue to grow our accreditations to major international retail chain groups for the supply of labelling , but most importantly we also maintain them!

4. Being a Vertically Integrated Textile Manufacturer
This provides competitive advantages in the production of both fabric care labels and woven labels. The group has fully integrated paper and ticketing facilities in all locations which makes it one of the few global label suppliers to offer a “one-stop” labelling service in the form of a “label shopping basket”.

5. Process and Product Innovation
Maintaining an internal research and development department that focuses on building hi-tech machinery to keep the group at the forefront of manufacturing technology. Product innovation, particularly in the field of woven and printed labels, is a major focus.

6. Packaging Innovation and Design
Introduction of a centralised business unit model with co-manufactures in key off shore locations to ensure timely delivery of packaging materials at lowest delivery cost without compromising quality standards. ITL has employed qualified technical executives to manage retailer requirements and expedite new designs. Our executives are available to call directly on decision makers at retail level and to then deal directly with specialist packaging unit mangers in our operating sites. This provides exceptionally quick response both in securing approvals and delivery execution to garment suppliers.

7. Compliance with Local and International Labour and Environmental Law
Maintaining compliance with local and international labour and environmental laws. This is seen as the cornerstone of our commitment to good business practice.

8. ISO 9001 Quality Accreditation
The group’s major manufacturing operations are ISO 9001 accredited. Quality is an obsession with our group and our competitive edge in terms of non-scratch labels derives from this obsession.

9. Encouraging Employee Development
ITL is committed to continuous improvement through an employee training and development programme stressing a “can do” service culture.

10. Advanced Variable Data Management Solutions
To ensure total accuracy saving time and money by reducing costly mistakes. Our systems provide for: Customised websites enabling down loads from retailer systems, online vendor ordering, automated artwork creation ,and direct to print machine interfaces.