Narrowtex has become a reliable partner for many industrial enterprises. As a company, we strive to assist our clients by providing them with specialised information, designed to answer all their questions concerning “Loading Safety” and “Loss Prevention”.
Nationally, losses incurred during transportation of cargo contribute very negatively to the country’s economy. Statistics recorded should provide companies with sufficient reason to undertake the necessary precautions to minimise damages to goods during transport. Narrowtex aims to assist partners in trade and industry to achieve this goal of preserving quality during transit.
Narrowtex believes that a firm’s products should reach the designated consignee in the same condition in which they left the dispatching firm.

Strapping – Woven Polyester Strapping, Buckles.
Curtain Header and Tapes
Knitted & Woven Elastics
Automotive Restraint Webbings

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